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Smart Workplace is a leader in providing complete safety education, awareness and prevention solutions for companies across North America.

Preventing costly workplace accidents.


Link to Guidelines for returning to work during Covid-19

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Safety Posters

Safety posters improve team members’ attitudes toward safety. Daily reminders, most effective when placed in high traffic locations and rotated on a monthly basis.

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Four impactful newsletters published every month. TalksZone, Managing Safely, Comfort Zone and Wellness Zone. Keep your team informed on best safety practices and attitudes.

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Safety Talks

TalkZone’s are interactive pdfs or PowerPoints, that are safety talks covering hundreds of topics, including retention quiz. Send direct to individual team members or review as a group in your next safety meeting. New TalkZone every week!

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Videos On Demand

Compliment your safety messaging with professional training videos with an audited quiz to ensure retention of key points. Choose from a library with key categories: Health & Safety, HR, Wellness & Business Skills and Employee Leadership Series.

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Smart iZone

Access to complete library of safety talks, TalksZone, Managing Safely, Comfort Zone and Wellness Zone newsletters. On-demand, direct download and/or mass email to your team from Smart iZone.

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Online Training

Health and safety eLearning courses to help workers access the training they need, regardless of where they are. Accessible 24/7. Improved engagement, enhanced reach and efficient training.

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Safety Directory

North America’s largest one-stop directory of safety products and services in North America. Equip your workplace and team with products that help to prevent accidents.

The best education any employee can have is safety.

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