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Make your safety meetings count! Talks Zone preps and delivers four different topics every month. Includes meeting guidelines, questionnaires and more.


Motivate and develop your managers and your staff’s knowledge for a safer workplace. Monthly updates and strategies revolving around safety, wellness and legal issues in the workplace.


Reduce and avoid accidents in the workplace. Posters play a key role in repetitive messaging and consistent awareness for a safe workplace.

Safety Worker


All our newsletters and safety meetings are available online 24/7. Access anywhere, anytime, through Find the safety information you need, fast! Ask for a trial login.

Zero Tolerance


Convey important safety awareness in a BIG way! Massive high quality banners up to 10×4.


Keep your staff informed, safe and engaged.
Choose from 5 effective digital newsletters for your staff.

Used by Fortune 500 companies across Canada. Cost effective, professional content published every month.

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4 NEW Editions Every Month

Provides in-depth meeting information regarding important safety issues to industrial workplaces, a quiz and sign-in sheet for participants.

Can be customized with your corporate logo.
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Managing Safely

NEW Edition Every Month

Each issue focuses on one critical safety issue with a safety meeting guide, safety meeting questionnaire and safety tips.

Can be customized with your corporate logo.
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Comfort Zone

NEW Edition Every Month

Articles on safety, and security issues, legislation updates and the latest in health, wellness and safety news and strategies.

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Wellness Zone

NEW Edition Every Month

Health & Wellness programs are an important way to engage staff in activities, prolong life and increase overall satisfaction.

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Legal Workplace

Legal Workplace

NEW Edition Bi-Monthly

Be familiar with the legal framework of employment law. Topics & trends in employment law, changes in legislation & litigation rulings.

Can be customized with your corporate logo.


12 month poster subscriptions allow you to easily keep messaging fresh, an important element to a successful poster campaign. encourage and promote staff involvement. 

NEW POSTERS shipped to you every month!


5th Wave

Exclusive! The 5th Wave Posters are a delightful but serious poster program that combines the hilarious humour of a popular, nationally syndicated cartoon.

Safe Attitude

Safe Attitude Posters are an effective way to reinforce your safety program and to get your employees focused on reducing carelessness in the workplace. happen most.

Quality Assurance

Think of how much easier your job would be if your employees cared as much about quality as you do. Well it can happen, but first you need to make sure they know how much you care.

Herman Posters

Our most popular subscription. Exclusive! Improve your staff’s attitude without costly company-wide training programs, quality initiatives and lectures. Herman posters motivate your team through the power of laughter!


Proven effective, safety posters increase safety consciousness among employees. Send the right message quickly and efficiently.



Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are key factors when it comes to disease prevention an overall employee well-being.


Workplace Incivility

Educate employees about the specific types of behavior that are unacceptable in your workplace.


Cyber Security

Help employees understand the security and safety risks that are present when they log onto company computer systems.


First Aid

Your employees will learn techniques for treating the 10 most common emergency situations.

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Assertive wins over aggressive

“Nice guys finish last.” That well-worn statement was attributed more than 60 years ago to major league baseball manager Leo (The Lip) Durocher, the inference being that a nasty, ruthless approach is more likely to succeed than a gentler one. Durocher claimed he was misquoted, but no matter, the words have endured, and are still

Analyze this: Prevention begins with a close look

Workers are injured and killed in workplaces across the country every day. The cornerstone of accident and injury prevention is the job hazard analysis (JHA). Other terms used to describe this procedure are job safety analysis and job hazard breakdown. In short, this means taking a close look at your workplace operations and determining exactly

Ways to keep on top of paperwork

You’ve probably heard it said more than once that supervisors should manage the function, not the paperwork. Their most important role is to ensure a particular task or tasks get done properly. Yet few of us who are in charge of managing people and projects can do so in an environment completely without forms, reports,

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