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Safety & The Supervisor

Arm managers and supervisors with the information they need to create a safe work environment for employees.
Written specifically for today’s supervisors, Safety and the Supervisor is a monthly publication that focuses on the real-life situations and problems front- line managers and supervisors actually encounter on the job.

Smart Supervisor

The Secret of Successful Executives and Equally Successful Supervisors.
It’s no secret that front line supervisors play a key role in maintaining a productive, trouble-free workplace. And, one false move from a supervisor can bring on lawsuits, reduce productivity, or send morale spiraling downward.

Inside OSHA Regulations

Stay on top of the latest changes and additions to OSHA regulations with Inside OSHA Regulations
Over the years, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has issued thousands of rules and regulations contained in thousands of difficult-to-read pages of text written in a technical language that few really understand.

The Lawful Workplace

An unfortunate reality is that today’s workplace is fraught with lawsuit-happy employees, and you need to make sure your management staff is effectively armed with the information they need to avoid litigation and prevent lawsuits. Equip your supervisors on employment practices know-how.

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