Build a safety-conscious workforce with Chemical Industry Posters

The Chemical Industry Poster Program is geared toward management and business owners who have a common goal…to encourage workers to always stay alert when dealing with powerful chemicals.

The posters combine powerful graphics with thought-provoking messages to remind workers to:

  • Always read labels and know the materials they are dealing with
  • Wear the right protective gear for the job
  • Know in advance how to respond in the event of an emergency
  • Report hazards and spills right away
  • Know in advance, the correct procedures for containing a spill
  • Work safely not just because it’s company policy, but because it’s in their best interest

Dealing with dangerous chemicals is serious business. Don’t leave the safety of your workforce up to chance!

Product info:
Product code: CIX
Size: 17” x 22”
Quantity: 52 total posters per year (weekly display)
Shipping Frequency: Monthly

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