A Safe, Injury-free Workplace Ultimately Lies in the Hands of Your Employees.

As an employer, you have the responsibility of providing a safe work environment for your employees. But, ultimately, the success or failure of your safety program resides with your employees. You can train employees and provide safety equipment, but if employees don’t follow safe work procedures or use that equipment, then accidents and injuries will occur.

It’s Not Enough to Just be Compliant

There are a lot of companies that are in compliance, yet still see injuries occurring – and they are still being cited and fined by OSHA. The key to developing a truly safe workplace is to instill a culture of safety and foster a sense of responsibility among your employees.

Safety Culture Comes from the Top Down

Let your employees know that you care about their safety and that you expect them to work safely. Our Occupational Safety and Health Posters address the top-cited OSHA regulations using hard-hitting images and powerful messages that your employees can’t ignore. This program provides consistent safety messaging to your employees to help develop a culture of safety while targeting the safety issues that have the most impact on your organization – and that put the most money in OSHA’s wallet.

Each week, you display a new message that will highlight an important safety topic, along with the specific OSHA regulation it addresses. Topics include:

  • Hazard Communication
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Accident Investigation/Hazard Analysis
  • Machine Guards
  • Emergency Preparedness/Response
  • Walking/Working Surfaces
    … and many more!

Product info:
Product code: OSX
Size: 17” x 22”
Quantity: 52 total posters per year (weekly display)
Shipping frequency: Monthly

12 Month Subscription Plans:

1 Poster Per Month (less then $23.17 per poster or $278 for 12 months)

2 Posters Per Month (less then $14.09 per poster or $338 for 12 months)

3 Posters Per Month (less then $11.09 per poster or $399 for 12 months)

4 Posters Per Month (less then $10.40 per poster or $499 for 12 months)

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